Riding a Wave of Dreams

Harvest Hosts

We really like Harvest Hosts, it give you a chance to stop at wineries/farms/museums. So what is Harvest Host? Well it is a membership site that lets RV'ers stay at over 2,500 locations for a night at a time and can be used an unlimited number of times during the year.  Learn more about Harvest Hosts here.

Serre Vineyard

364 Beast Trail, Mount Airy, NC 27030


This was our first Harvest Host, we got there to find out they were closed but a lady came out and offered us some samples and we got a couple beers and a bottle of wine. It was great because we were the only ones there for a long time, until another couple came so we chatted with them a bit. Tracey liked her wine and I had one of their own brews and another local craft beer that were really pretty good. 

It was a beautiful area, and very serene sitting and just watching the clouds roll by. The majority of the images below are infrared, I love the creative feel of infrared images. Check out more IR here